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Kings Creek Springs

Black Spring CoveOf the six significant spring outflows into the Kings Creek region of southern Kings Bay, only two now function at reduced flow rates. One of the original springs was deliberately closed by a developer to run roads through the wetlandsNatural land-use type that is covered by salt water or fresh water for some time period. This land type can be identified by the presence of particular plant species or characteristic conditions.. One was closed by a householder. Two were closed following the 1993 Storm of the Century when tons of sediment washed out of the wetlands as flood waters receded.

The developer changed the course of outflow from Kings Creek by diverting the flow from traversing wetlands to the west by opening a land bridge allowing outflow to the east into southern Kings Bay, and to allow an access road (Stoney Point) to be run through. The original course of Kings Creek through the wetlands remains clearly visible.

Four other spring outflows into southern Kings Bay require further examination. (Yellow dots mark vent sites of which some now closed).

Including the original spring outflows of the adjacent Black Spring Cove area, of the eleven spring outflows only three remain in operation suggesting that spring outflows have reduced by more than two thirds.

With only 27% of original volumes flowing, the consequent reduction of water volume and velocityThe speed of movement of an object in one direction. allows algae to form more readily, spring emergent nutrient loads would tend to be higher and more potent. Moreover, salt water intrusions would in all probability tend to penetrate further into southern Kings Bay. In consequence, the likelihood is increased for the extensive explosive reproductions of the marinerefers to sea water, to sediments deposited in sea water, or to animals that live in the sea, as opposed to fresh water. algae Chaetomorpha to occur as witnessed in both the March 2006 and 2007 events.

It is noted that the EPA have inspected the main head spring which previously vented into Kings Creek, before being blocked by the developer. Local residents were told that that spring could probably be released. Such a clearance and reopening of the other blocked spring vents would do much to restore the balance of salinityConcentration of dissolved salts found in a sample of water. Measured as the total amount of dissolved salts in parts per thousand. Seawater has an average salinity of about 34 parts per thousand (ppt), alternatively, measured as Specific Conductance or Specific Conductivity expressed in microSiemens per centimeter (µS/cm) normalized to a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Pure water is reckoned to be 0 µS/cm, and ocean seawater at 50,000 µS/cm. in the south Kings Bay and probably deter or reduce bloomA rapid growth of microscopic algae or cyanobacteria in water often resulting in a coloured scum on the surface. of marine algae there.

Restoration of Kings Creek Springs

Restoration of flows from the blocked springs of the Kings Creek is clearly to be encouraged as necessary to restoring ecosystema community of organisms, including humans, interacting with one another and the environment in which they live. health of south Kings Bay, which together with freeing the flows of the two functioning springs, would be expected to benefit the entire river run and the sea grass habitats in the estuarineThe region of a tidal mouth of a river areas at the Gulf of Mexico.

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