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Mission Statement

County property owners in the Service Area 112, 113 and 114 are dedicated to the public health, safety and welfare of the community of Citrus County, their home. While grieving the decline over the years of the cherished waters of Crystal River and Kings Bay they live in hope and expectation that one day the waters will be restored and deserve their name.

Key to that restoration is the conversion of all septic systems in the spring-shed area of Citrus County to a modern central sewer and wastewater treatment facility. However, they contend that the local governmental entities have failed over the past three decades to adopt effective measures towards that end.

Members' Contentions

Their contentions which threaten alienation and disunity among the community are outlined in the Position Paper dated 20 August 2012, as those for due consideration at the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners hearing scheduled for 11 September 2012, are summarized here, with particular questions to be posed to the Citrus County BOCC as listed on the Risk Assessment document :

  1. Costs are felt to fall unjustly and solely upon the said property owners.

    • The assessment of property owners to provide funds for the City to repay loan amounts to the state appears to be unlawful.

    • The demand that the property owners pay a fee to the City to unnecessarily expand its sewage treatment facility is seen to be indefensible, when all other construction costs are paid by state disbursements of public funds.

  2. The Florida Categorical Exclusion Notification dated 15 November, 2002, is paramount to the conduct of the Project it references.

  3. The right of property owners by the Florida Constitution, Article VIII, Section 4. and Florida Statute 171, Parts I and II is prevailing and demands the property owners' participation and vote in decisions affecting them both in terms of the sewer expansion Project and consequent ongoing rate charges.

  4. Project program delays with attendant staff changes at all levels have allowed basic concepts to become obscured.

  5. The true causes of degradation of the Outstanding Florida Water are being deliberately ignored in favor of competing notions.

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