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Charade of Citizen Involvement

Currently, sixteen government departments and agencies have jurisdiction over what happens to our coastal river systems. Key board members with power to influence governing decisions are appointees of the state Governor.

Citizen representation is restricted to comment in a severely restricted time slot during "Public Input" at meetings. Lobbyists seek to monopolize these time slots by having rehearsed team speakers ensure their voice is heard above that of an unorganized concerned citizenry. In particular, formal Hearings allow opportunity for the public to put forward aguments or evidence by speaking, and for them to be listened to and be given fair consideration. Evidence of this at a meeting is usully by comment from the Chair, for example, "that is beyond the scope of this meeting" or, " that has already been discussed and noted ...." or, " that will be considered at the Environmental Resource Permit review process", or. some other comment in acknowledgement. Merely to proceed without comment on the validity or otherwise of the matter raised, is a denial of a serious public right and an unwarranted display of arrogance.

The budgetary process of the departments and agencieswithout due process becomes tantamount to a taxation without representation or oversight.

An unhealthy public resentment at skewed decisions and watered down (unenforceable) regulatory language is often the result.

The need for a process enabling representative participation of citizenry and scientists in affairs which intimately affect quality of life is evident.

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