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GRADE 9 - 12

STANDARD 7: Earth Systems and Patterns

The scientific theory of the evolution of Earth states that changes in our planet are driven by the flow of energy and the cycling of matter through dynamic interactions among the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, geosphere, and biosphere, and the resources used to sustain human civilization on Earth.

* SC.912.E.7.1 Analyze the movement of matter and energy through the different biogeochemical cycles, including water and carbon.
Local Page: Natural Cycles
* SC.912.E.7.2 Analyze the causes of the various kinds of surface and deep water motion within the oceans and their impacts on the transfer of energy between the poles and the equator.
Local Page: Natural Cycles
* SC.912.E.7.3 Differentiate and describe the various interactions among Earth systems, including: atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, geosphere, and biosphere.
* SC.912.E.7.4 Summarize the conditions that contribute to the climate of a geographic area, including the relationships to lakes and oceans.
* SC.912.E.7.5 Predict future weather conditions based on present observations and conceptual models and recognize limitations and uncertainties of such predictions.
* SC.912.E.7.6 Relate the formation of severe weather to the various physical factors.
* SC.912.E.7.7 Identify, analyze, and relate the internal (Earth system) and external (astronomical) conditions that contribute to global climate change.
Remote Page: Global Climate Change
* SC.912.E.7.8 Explain how various atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic conditions in Florida have influenced and can influence human behavior, both individually and collectively.
* SC.912.E.7.9 Cite evidence that the ocean has had a significant influence on climate change by absorbing, storing, and moving heat, carbon, and water.
Local Page: Carbon Cycle
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