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GRADE 9 - 12

Standard 5: Earth in Space and Time

The origin and eventual fate of the Universe still remains one of the greatest questions in science. Gravity and energy influence the development and life cycles of galaxies, including our own Milky Way Galaxy, stars, the planetary systems, Earth, and residual material left from the formation of the Solar System. Humankind's need to explore continues to lead to the development of knowledge and understanding of the nature of the Universe.

* SC.912.E.5.1 Cite evidence used to develop and verify the scientific theory of the Big Bang (also known as the Big Bang Theory) of the origin of the universe.
* SC.912.E.5.2 Identify patterns in the organization and distribution of matter in the universe and the forces that determine them.
* SC.912.E.5.3 Describe and predict how the initial mass of a star determines its evolution.
* SC.912.E.5.4 Explain the physical properties of the Sun and its dynamic nature and connect them to conditions and events on Earth.
* SC.912.E.5.5 Explain the formation of planetary systems based on our knowledge of our Solar System and apply this knowledge to newly discovered planetary systems.
* SC.912.E.5.6 Develop logical connections through physical principles, including Kepler's and Newton's Laws about the relationships and the effects of Earth, Moon, and Sun on each other.
* SC.912.E.5.7 Relate the history of and explain the justification for future space exploration and continuing technology development.
* SC.912.E.5.8 Connect the concepts of radiation and the electromagnetic spectrum to the use of historical and newly-developed observational tools.
* SC.912.E.5.9 Analyze the broad effects of space exploration on the economy and culture of Florida.
  SC.912.E.5.10 Describe and apply the coordinate system used to locate objects in the sky.
  SC.912.E.5.11 Distinguish the various methods of measuring astronomical distances and apply each in appropriate situations.
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