The Amy H Remley Foundation  

Activities of
The Amy H Remley Foundation, Incorporated.

In addition to raising necessary funds, the activities undertaken by the Amy H Remley Foundation, Incorporated, fall into two broad categories: to educate citizens, and to restore water quality. Accordingly, funds raised may be considered the nature of a General Fund, for funds not directed by the donor for a specific purpose, and for funds directed by the donor either to educate or to restore. Separate accounts will be maintained for each of the three categories of General, Educate, and Restore funds.

Expenditure items or projects to be funded from the General Fund will be listed on this page, with others listed on the To Educate or To Restore pages as appropriate.

Projects On-Going

  1. Geology- Fracture sets analysis - Kings Bay/ Crystal River.
  2. Caves, Sinks, and the Floridian Aquifer.
  3. Levy County Nuke Plants.
  4. Brochure.
  5. Maintain/develop website - research
  6. Funding activity

Projects Completed

  1. Formation of The Amy H Remley Foundation , Incorporated – completed.
  2. Arrange banking facilities - completed.
  3. Arrange website hosting - completed.
  4. Design and Build - Launch version of the Website - completed.
  5. Submission of Form 1023 for 501(c)(3) application to IRS - completed. Expedite processing of Form 1023 - completed. ((501(c)(3) status obtained)
  6. Establish Donor Management and financial "back office" system, including Pay Pal donating - completed
  7. Create and add PHP code to allow new menu entries and pages to website (integral to the website management application).- completed
  8. Extend website for use in High Schools and College - completed
  9. Incorporate teacher aid referencing State of Florida Standards - completed
  10. Initiate plan for Three Sisters property reclamation and submit to State Lands ARC - completed (submitted for hearing 15 Dec 2007- lead passed to City of Crystal River January 15th., 2008)

Projects for Funding upon Board Approval

  1. Raise Funds (donor database), from individuals corporations and Public sources.
  2. Re-generate SAV Kings BAY
  3. Education Center
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Extend application of teaching instrument
  6. Promote Fracture sets results
  7. Economic/ environmental modeling


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