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Amy H Remley

Having conducted studies into the reasons for the decline in water quality of Crystal River/Kings Bay, seeking possible remedies to that decline, Kings Bay Association express their sincere appreciation to the late Amy H Remley for her inspiration and help in that work. To give breath to this Foundation in remembrance of Amy is a rare privilege for the Association.

John Dryden wrote in the 1600s, a period in England’s history known as Restoration England:

“Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow,
He who would search for pearls must dive below.”

Amy did this often, both literally and figuratively. Her inspiration, and a lasting legacy to us all, has been her gentle advocacy to restore the essential natural balance to the ecosystems affecting quality of our water resources.

Sadly, when traveling to an appointment in Crystal River, she was taken from us in a tragic road collision with a symbol of the relentless disturbance of that ecological balance she cherished so dearly, and articulated to us so clearly.

Amy Remley inspired and encouraged the research into algae, particularly Lyngbya sp., involving a study of world wide scientific literature over several years. She was a gentle advocate of achieving a balanced ecology as basis for restoration of water quality to local waters. She was a firm advocate of educating the public and involving them in programs of practical consequence to water quality restoration.

Amy’s example to us all has led directly to the notion that programs of both longer and shorter term effect are necessary to achieving lasting improvements in water quality. The shorter term effects probably require applications of complementary innovative technologies, as referred to on this website under Algae Control, and Gas Vesicles.

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